Instead of applying to all the banks hoping to find the best deal, Equity Finders will take care of all of that. With us, you can guarantee the best rate in the market, as well as a secured approval. Get a personalized service and discover all your options today

The documents required are as follows: identity documents (Passport, EID & Residency), income documents (bank statements, & salary certificate or proof of business income) , as well as all property-related documents.

Do not let the costs of owning a property stop you! Equity Finders will find the most creative solutions in order to help you with any setback that you might face. Let us do all the thinking for you and let you know what the right path will be. Contact us to learn more.

Any time there is a better rate in the market, you should consider refinancing in order to keep your total interest the lowest possible. If you are an existing client, please do not worry about this, we will contact you immediately. If you are a new client, call us now and let us consult on whether there is a chance that you can lower your monthly payments, and maybe invest in another property with all the money you can save!

With Equity Finders, you will always get a reducing rate for your loan. The monthly payments will be calculated according to the outstanding balance of your loan. In other words, over the loan tenure, the percentage going to the interest will decrease, and your contribution to your principal will increase. In that way, your total interest will be much less than if the rate was flat.

Your dedicated mortgage consultant will talk you through all the steps you will take when applying for a mortgage. Starting from calculating your eligibility and your payment schedule, to getting the approval, issuing all mortgage documents, until the cheque disbursement. All information you need will be provided so you can know your financing options. Get free advice now!

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