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New Purchase

Welcome to the market! The majority of people purchasing a property will need to finance it in order to keep their cash available. The process can seem confusing and new. Therefore, Equity Finders is here to guide you through all the steps, and explain thoroughly all the fees related. Clients will search for transparency in order to avoid any surprises, and you will find it with us. We got your back!

Equity Release/ Cash

Releasing equity from your property is now easier than ever. With Equity Finders, you can get up to 85% of your property value in cash and make use of the money in any way you need: whether it is to repay your expenses, invest in a business, fund your children’s educational expenses or any other reason.


Suffering from a mortgage with a high rate? Do not worry! We will make sure to find you a better alternative rate with as smooth a transfer process as possible. Save thousands and sometimes millions over the full loan tenure by securing the right refinancing.

Final Payment

Tick, tock, tick, tock… Handover is coming soon. Well, find the most exclusive rates with us and take advantage of waived fees. Before your property reaches the handover date, contact us in order to prepare the pre-approval. Even if you’re buying an off-plan property, know your options before taking any decisions.

Commercial Loans

Invest like an expert. Big investors need personalized consultancy services in order to study well their options. Equity Finders will find you the best deals available in the market, and advise you on the best strategy based on monthly payments compared to investment income. We will do all the necessary calculations for you to assess if the asset is worth it.

Non-Resident Loan

One of the many incredible steps taken in the UAE is encouraging expats and non-residents to invest in local properties. Wherever you are, you can now own a property in the United Arab Emirates, and even better, you are eligible to take out a mortgage to do so. Take advantage of the low rates available, as well as the significant investment opportunities. We are waiting for you!

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